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Tara H.

Because of A, I fell in love with dance fitness 4 years ago. I've never liked working out, but her class changed my outlook on exercise. I've tried other classes but nothing compares to hers. Come try it, I promise you won't regret it! 1/2/17

Tasha D.

I knew from the first day I took Aureilia's class I would go back for more, & 2 years later I'm still faithfully going. I look forward to this class because of her awesome workouts. I've lost weight, learned new moves, and met some amazing people along my fitness journey. Aureilia's infectious smile and positive energy keeps me going. She encourages everyone that comes to class. The ultimate goal is to feel good and look good, but most of all have fun. When people ask me where I go for "Zumba", I tell them, The A~Experience of course. 1/2/17

Nneka W.

One time and I was hooked. The music, energy, and Aureilia's upbeat attitude is CONTAGIOUS!!! The environment is so positive and everyone is welcomed with open arms regardless of fitness level. Because of this class not only have I increased my fitness abilities and learned to push myself; I've gained  friends that will last a lifetime. All thanks to The A Experience! 1/3/17

Danielle C.

"My workouts with Aureilia are religious. I feel off when I miss class! 1/3/17

Meka E.

I just love Aureilia's classes... and the great feeling after! I love her energy, she makes everyone feel welcomed and beautiful. 1/3/17

Anesheia W.

I love the A Experience, the routines are to live for. With the combination of eating right and this style of "Zumba" I managed to lose weight. 1/4/17 


Brittany W.

Since I started with Aureilia, she’s helped me exceed my personal fitness goals. Far beyond what I ever imagined. 1/2/17

Alex G.

I've lost pounds but, I have gained sisters! 1/5/17

Karen G.

The #Aexperience has changed me forever. I'm down 5 sizes in 2 1/2 yrs. Love the challenges, the music and the wonderful "Zumba" family. Aureilia is more than an instructor, she cares. 1/5/17


Antoine S.

I appreciate what she does in helping people like me... Its a great thing. 1/2/17


5 yrs ago I was 200lbs...My doctor warned me I was on the verge of becoming a diabetic. I knew I had to keep this from happening. I met

Aureilia "A EXPERIENCE "

4 yrs ago at her class and have been on FRONT ROW ever since! Today I maintain a healthy weight of 180lbs, no longer borderline diabetes. Just know I live for this class and I am "A" Front Row DIVA For LIFE!!!


Carla E.

I committed to being serious about my health in 2016. First, I focused on nutrition, then I looked for what motivated me fitness wise. I started out going to the gym, then tried a fitness boot camp and it was like a chore. Then a very good friend invited me to Aureilia's "Zumba" style class, and I thought I wouldn't make it. However, her message centered on having fun and going at your own pace as there are various fitness levels in her class. That's what inspired me to keep going even though I wanted to give up. Aureilia's positive energy, passion and commitment to her students drew me in every week. One year later, LOOK AT ME NOW!! I'm proud of myself for not quitting, and my family supports my addiction to

The A Experience! 4/3/17

Brittany J.

A little over a year ago, a friend of mine from a support group invited me to Zumba. Weighing in over 250lbs, I was nervous... I stood in the back! Months went by and I eased my way on up to the front. I have to say this class is like no other. I live for the "A" experience 3x's a week! I even met a few friends along the way. Now weighing in under 200lbs, I would like to thank Aureilia for keeping me on my "A" game. 4/11/17

Stacey S.

 About a year ago I was finally ready for a change with my weight and the way I saw myself in the mirror. My friends introduced me to "The A Experience" and since then I've lost at least 20 pounds, and gained many friendships. Aureilia is a great motivator and she makes you feel positive about yourself. I love this class! 6/17/17



It was two years ago when my daughter said to me, “mother you should go to Zumba with me”, because she knows that I LOVE TO WORKOUT AND DANCE. I brushed it off and then one day my sister said the same to me, I said I will give it a try not knowing what to expect. I actually thought that it was going to be boring. To my surprise, I went on my birthday and had the best birthday ever and I have been going ever since. The music, the workouts are the best , and I have met some nice ladies there also, I call them my Zumba sisters. I’m so free to be me and Aureilia is the best instructor ever, so full of energy and she always makes me feel good about myself. I’m so glad that I have incorporated the AEXPERIENCE in my workout. I tell everyone about her. Whether it’s maintaining or losing weight the AEXPERIENCE is definitely the place to be! 11/2/19


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